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This Journal is Your Mood Ring: Deepen Your Self-Understanding Using Color as Your Guide

This Journal is Your Mood Ring: Deepen Your Self-Understanding Using Color as Your Guide

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Inspired by mood rings, this journal will reveal your true feelings, deepen your self-understanding, and connect you to your intuition using color as your guide.

In this rainbow of pages, discover what different colors represent and how they can reflect, reinforce, and influence your emotions. With thought-provoking prompts that encourage self-reflection and inspiring affirmations that empower you to harness the magic of color in your everyday life, This Journal Is Your Mood Ring will lead you on a journey to your higher self.

THE POWER OF COLOR: Tapping into “color psychology”—understanding how color impacts our mood, thinking, and behavior—as a tool for self-care and self-exploration has become increasingly popular. This specialty journal is the perfect companion for exploring this powerful trend.

MIND/BODY/SPIRIT TREND: Anyone interested in the mind/body/spirit connection—especially through crystals, energy work, and chakras—will enjoy this lighthearted tool for connecting to their intuition and listening to their inner voice.

STATIONERY AS LIFE COACH: After several difficult years of global challenges, stationery is playing a key role in helping people find meaning and positivity in their day to day. This journal provides space for you to think deeply, work out your feelings, and self-reflect.

BEAUTIFUL TO GIFT AND DISPLAY: With a rainbow of pages, a metallic elastic band, and foil on the cover, 
This Journal is Your Mood Ring is an eye-catching object to display or gift to a friend.


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