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The Spiral Hook Earrings

The Spiral Hook Earrings

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Bright spiral disks mirror the sun hanging over a blue horizon.

Like the warm embrace of the sun's rays, the spiral radiates a sense of energy and renewal. It's design mirrors the whirlwind of adventure and the ever-turning cycle of life.

These spirals are formed by hand so each varies slightly and has its own unique beauty.

Beautifully handcrafted from start to finish by Julia from RA HA Jewelry in Providence, RI. 

Gold fill is a long lasting, bonded 14k gold layer over brass.  The gold is 5% of the total weight and is fused using heat and pressure. Gold fill jewelry is more durable and long-lasting than gold plated jewelry because the gold layer is thicker and more securely bonded to the base metal. It has a similar appearance to solid gold, but is more affordable. 


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