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Love Deck

Love Deck

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The Love Deck is an enchanting guide to inviting love and romance into your life. With 70 cards of short spells, meditations, and love-themed rituals, this deck is a spiritual guide for attracting love, passion, attraction, clarity, and confidence.

Users can choose a card based on their particular needs in that moment—before a first date, at a turning point in a relationship, or when a long-term partnership needs a little more spice—or at random to see what the universe has in store for their love life.

With a contemporary look and alluring content, The Love Deck invites users to find new ways to kindle romance.

  • You can separate cards by section or shuffle them and pick a card to see what love affirmations, spells, journal prompts, crystals, or meditations you need.
  • You can also simply shuffle the entire deck, mixing the sections, and see what pops up completely randomly.
  • To further your connection with your person, you can also use the deck with them — comparing zodiac sign compatibility and how other factors in your birth chart play a role in your romance, seeing what chakras are blocked and need to be released, and finding prompts both of you can journal about.

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