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Blooming Lollipops

Blooming Lollipops

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Listing is for one lollipop. You may request a flavor at checkout in the order 'notes' section, and we'll try to accommodate you! 

From the sweets makers at Amborella, these organic lollipops come with a completely biodegradable stick that you can plant in the ground and grow an herb or flower. Each lollipop is flavored with a light, delicious taste of edible flowers and herbs that's perfect for adults and children alike.

Once you've finished your candy, simply plant the stick in soil horizontally and water to watch it grow. Once it sprouts, use the herbs in your kitchen, edible flowers in your salad, develop art projects, or use as a garnish.

Flavors include: 
Green Apple + Chamomile | grow chamomile
Blood Orange + Elderflower | grow elderflower
Grapefruit + Hops | grow grapefruit mint
Lemon + Thyme | grow thyme
Rosemary + Mint | grow mint
Strawberry + Basil | grow basil
Champagne + Roses | grow rosetta cosmo
Lavender + Lemongrass | grow lavender
Peach + Marigold | grow marigold
Vanilla + Hibiscus | grow baby blue eyes
Sage + Marshmallow | grow sage
Blueberry + Nettle | grow stinging nettle
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