Promenade Field - Happy Birthday Soy Candle

$ 23.00

Made with all-natural soy wax, eco-friendly cotton wick, high quality essential and/or fragrance oil. Burn time is up to 50 hrs (8oz) or 100 hrs (16oz). SCENTS: HELLO PUMPKIN *LE*: Fresh pumpkin & delicate spices. SWEATER WEATHER *LE*: Sweet mandarin orange, apple, vanilla bean & fir. COZY CASHMERE *LE*: Citrus, plum, black cherries, amber & vanilla. CHRISTMAS MORNING *LE*: Cooling cypress, evergreen, juicy citrus & amber. BEACH BUM: Sweet Jasmine, fresh mandarin & sea salt. COCKTAIL HOUR: Fresh eucalyptus, crisp mint, sweet pineapple & sugarcane. LEMON ROSEWATER: Fresh lemon, sweet notes of jasmine, agave & delicate rose petal. PEONY LYCHEE: Petal-soft peony & ripe lychee. CITRUS MINT: Sweet citrus notes, orange peel, mint, & agave nectar. FARMERS MARKET: Sweet Agave, delicate chrysanthemum petals, fresh-cut greens & patchouli. GREENHOUSE: Citrus, sage, lavender, white oakmoss & amber. SUNKISSED: Jasmine, lily of the valley, green leaves, tonka beans & wood.