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Neat-O! Instant Moodmilk | No-Frills

Neat-O! Instant Moodmilk | No-Frills

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Omegas to the rescue! Mood swings, shmood swings. Phasey No-Frills Neat-O! serves up daily hormonal support for mood swings and stress via the nutritional magic of hemp heart protein. Hemp protein is easily digestible with no chalky texture or taste, and is a great source of iron, magnesium, zinc, and gamma-linolenic acid.

It’s smooth and creamy-dreamy. Just add milk. Shake or stir – no clunky blender necessary! Unsweetened so you can choose your own adventure. Versatile hemp protein and organic vanilla bean. That’s the whole shebang.

Packed with nutrients used to help reduce: mood swings | stress | cramps | inflammation

Ingredients: Hemp Heart Protein, Organic Vanilla Bean Powder

How to Use: Combine 1 packet with 8 fl oz milk of choice. Shake or stir – no blender needed! Sip in that good mood all month long.

Psst! Neat-O! is designed for every phase and every body.

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