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The Zenned Out Journey Tarot: A Deck for Personal Growth

The Zenned Out Journey Tarot: A Deck for Personal Growth

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Emark on a path of self-discovery with this vibrant, uplifting, and inclusive tarot deck and guide created by Zenned Out founder Cassie Uhl.
Presenting a modernized version of the treasured Waite-Smith deck—illustrated with calming, ethereal artwork that reflects the diversity of our would with a range of skin colors, body types, genders, and ages—The Zenned Out Journey Tarot Kit invites you to hold a mirror to your subconscious to help you develop in the physical world and progress as a spiritual being.
The included guidebook gets you started with your tarot deck with answers to common questions, instructions for cleansing your deck, techniques for selecting cards and setting up spreads, and a review of the meanings of each card in the Major and Minor Arcana. The guide also includes correspondences between individual cards and the different planets and zodiac signsthe four elements, and the numbers 1 through 10 in numerology.
Packaged in a sturdy clamshell box, the kit includes:

  • 78 lavishly illustrated tarot cards
  • An easy-to-follow, 64-page guidebook to the tarot


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