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Italian Garden Candle | 7oz

Italian Garden Candle | 7oz

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wild mint, heirloom tomato leaf, zesty thyme, country grass, and anise stems

SCENT WITH INTENTION | "Barefoot in the garden, as the morning sun peeks through and dew on the grass sparkles. With a harvest basket in hand, we hunt for ripened fruit deep between the plants. Pops of red and orange tomatoes hiding within the greenery surprise us. Birds chirping and deer in the distance, we stand there in awe as nature begins to wake up."

Made with a soy wax blend and lead-free cotton wicks for a long-lasting candle with a clean burn. TERRA fragrances are phthalate-free and infused with safe essential oils for maximum scent throw. 

Burn time is approximately 40+ hours.

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