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Fuck Boy Soy Candle

Fuck Boy Soy Candle

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7.5 oz | 50+ hours of burn time. Will last longer than your next Fuck Boy relationship.

Notes of decadent oud, amber, tobacco, crisp bergamot and tobacco leaf.

The myth, the legend, the icon. POV: you’re walking past the Abercrombie store at the mall as the smell of ‘Fierce’ greets you and sets the scene. But seriously though, why do fuck boys smell so damn good? Don’t do it girlfriend. Save yourself the headache. Fluff that pillow, look in the mirror and repeat after me. “You a baddie, you a 10”.

Note Profile
Top: Cardamom, Bergamot
Middle: Marine, Sandalwood
Base: Cedarwood, Sensual Musk

Hand poured in Saint Petersburg, Florida with domestically grown, plant-based, renewable soy wax, 100% cotton core wicks and fine, paraben and phthalate free essential and fragrance oils.

CANDLE CARE: On the first burn, allow the melt pool to reach the edges. This will help to prevent tunneling and give your candle a nice even burn. Trim the wick to about 1/4" before each use. 


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