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Entire Being Organic Body Oil

Entire Being Organic Body Oil

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For all parts of all bodies. Inside this bottle you will find a fast absorbing, deeply nourishing body oil, with a light, gender neutral scent evoking citrus groves, autumn evenings, and desert sunrises.

This special blend of nurturing plant oils penetrates quickly, leaving your skin quenched, but not slimy.

Directions: Use anytime, head to toe. Most ideal on a freshly washed body, with still warm skin.

Not your average body oil! Try it as a facial moisturizer, cuticle treatment, hair smoother, and anything else you can dream up.

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil*, baobab oil*, argan oil*. rosehip seed oil*, raspberry seed CO2*, vetiver oil*,lemon oil*, palmarosa oil*, lavender oil*, geranium oil *,neroli oil*, rosemary antioxidant* (*certified organic)

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