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Watermelon Hemp Oil

Watermelon Hemp Oil

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🌞 this fast-absorbing, 100% organic dry oil offers lightweight yet nutritious moisture anywhere you need it - face, body, hair, or even as a beard oil.

🍉 hydrates, nourishes, and replenishes skin and hair

🍉 sooothes the senses with a delicately-scented essential oil blend

ingredients: citrullus lanatus (watermelon) seed oil*, cannabis sativa seed oil*, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) peel oil*, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) flower oil*, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel oil*, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil*.

ingredient breakdown:

✨ organic watermelon seed oil

this food grade, non-gmo oil deeply nourishes with linoleic acid and helps support elasticity in the skin.

✨ organic hemp oil

ultra-lightweight hemp oil, which has one of the highest fatty acid contents of any natural oil in the world, both deeply hydrates and reduces moisture loss in skin and hair.

✨ organic bergamot oil

extracted from the peel of the bergamot orange, this oil refreshes the skin and offers an herbal, spiced citrus scent.

✨ organic rosemary oil

this herbal-scented oil helps lock in moisture and defend the skin against oxidative stress. 

✨ organic orange oil

cold-pressed from the peel of the orange fruit, this citrus-scented oil contains high quantities of antioxidant vitamin C. 

✨ organic eucalyptus oil

eucalyptus oil, distilled from the leaves of the eucalyptus plant, helps gently moisturize the skin.

hemp oil contains little cannabinoids, compared to cbd that contains high cannabinoids. hemp oil is used to moisturize skin and help support its barrier function. 

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